Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Tennis Frame Review – without Cover

The Amazing Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

There are many different styles of play in tennis that work well for people. You have the big hitters that like to overpower their opponents with giant smashes on the serve and blistering forehand shots. There are also those players that like to charge the net and volley with you all day long to wear you down.

Of course, the best and the most successful tennis players are those that have the most well-rounded tennis games. If you strive to be a balanced tennis player out on the court, you will also need to play with a tennis racquet that caters to that style. That is exactly what the Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet will help you accomplish.

What are The Pros & Cons of Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet


  • Heavier weight for more power
  • Counterbalanced to compensate for that extra weight
  • Sleek black finish with laser engraved graphics


  • Too heavy for some players liking
  • The rubbery paint finish is not too everyone’s liking

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Mome Details About The Versatile Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

If you want to design and build one of the greatest tennis racquets in the world how do you go about doing it? Wilson thought the answer to that was to get input on the design from one of the greatest players to ever play the game. That is why they brought in pro tennis star Roger Federer to help them with the design of the Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet. And guess what? According to the players that have used it, that strategy really paid off with an exceptional quality tennis racquet.

So many times in the world of tennis racquet design a manufacturer will do such things as sacrifice power to give you more ball control on your shots or sacrifice weight to give you more power. This fine racquet from Wilson really does not sacrifice in any area to accomplish improving it somewhere else.

Even the extra weight in the racquet is nicely counterbalanced so it is hardly noticeable. There was not much Roger and the Wilson team did not think of to include in this model tennis racquet. The Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet really is that good.

Special Features That Set The Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet Apart From The Competition

What did Wilson do differently to come up with a tennis racquet they feel is superior to others? The answer is they mixed what worked with the old model with a few new innovative features on the newer one. They kept such successful components as the braided graphite layup, the slight heaviness towards the head of the racquet and the balance counterweighting design but added a few new twists.

Among the newer features are the ways they have designed the racquet to add more power to your game. They accomplish this by using a wider and more angular beam combined with a heavier strung weight of 12.6 ounces. The newer version was further enhanced by adding a much thinner than normal all leather grip for comfort.

Playing Style This Well-designed Tennis Racquet is Best Suited For

We have raved about how well balanced this tennis racquet is performance wise; it really is built to help a player in every facet of their game. That makes it one of those rare tennis racquets that bridge the gap and is hard to say what type of player it works best for because, in reality, it will serve any style of tennis player well.

So whether you like to put a tremendous amount of spin on the ball, drive smashing shots past a helpless opponent or aggressively charge the not on a regular basis; this racket from Wilson will assist you in doing it well.

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Some Final Thoughts on The Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

There is one word that describes this racquet after taking a close look at it – “Impressive”. It is not often that a tennis racquet can set out to accomplish greatly improving an already good product and accomplish it but Wilson does exactly that with the Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet. Wilson takes attaching the ‘Pro Staff’ moniker to any of their sporting good products very seriously and this one is definitely deserving of it.