12 Best Tennis Shoes For Men & Women (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018)

tennis shoesThere are many things that have to come together for you in order to play the game of tennis well. You have to strike the ball properly, use the correct footwork and you better be able to serve consistently too. You will also need the right equipment such as a properly sized tennis racket and a lightweight dry wicking outfit. Among the most under-emphasized pieces of equipment for tennis is the shoes you choose to wear while playing it. They are very important to your performance, to say the least. That is why we decided to take the time to review the best tennis shoes and give you some buying tips when shopping for them too.

Since there are so many shoes to choose from we decided to do some reviews on the best tennis shoes for men and also in the best tennis shoes for women. We will discuss such things as which companies make the most comfortable tennis shoes and which model shoes can be played on the most different types of surfaces. By the time we are done you will have a much better understanding of what to look for in the tennis shoe marketplace.

  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • ASICS Men's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $$$
  • MADE OF : Synthetic
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • Color : White/Blue/Silver
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Babolat Propulse 4 Mens Tennis Shoes
  • PRICE $$$
  • MADE OF : Fabric and Synthetic
  • SOLE : Midsole
  • Color : Schwarz
  • 3.5 Customer Rating
  • Adidas Performance Men's Barricade Court 2 Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $
  • MADE OF : Textile and Synthetic
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • Color : White/Iron Metallic/Black
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Nike Men's Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $$$$
  • MADE OF : Mesh
  • SOLE : Outsole
  • Color : Volt/White/Black
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • New Balance Men's MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $$$
  • MADE OF : Leather and synthetic
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • Color : White
  • 4.6 Customer Rating
  • ASICS Men's GEL Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $
  • MADE OF : Synthetic
  • SOLE : Synthetic sole
  • Color : Flash Orange / Blue / Flash Yellow Onyx/Flash Yellow/Silver

Best Tennis Shoes For Men (Updated List)

After looking at several different models here is what we determined to be the best tennis shoes for men:

1 ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoes

If you want to play the game of tennis in a shoe that looks great and will also enhance your performance, then this is the best tennis court shoes for you. Asics is known for making high-quality tennis shoes and this pair of shoes certainly fits that mode. You can’t beat them when it comes to comfort and quality.

The emphasis with these wonderful tennis shoes is definitely for comfort and traction. The rubber sole works great on almost any tennis court surface. These shoes also come in a very wide color selection so everyone should be able to find a pair that appeals to them.

  • What we like about these tennis shoes
    Without a doubt, the best thing about these shoes is their comfort and cushioning. As you bounce around the court these feel like you are playing with shock absorbers on your feet. They are one of the most comfortable tennis shoes that any of us have ever tried on.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    One thing that you may not like about these great tennis shoes and will definitely jump out at you is the price. They are definitely only for someone who takes their tennis very seriously. We think they also tend to run a size big, so if you like tight fitting shoes when playing tennis you may want to consider ordering a ½ size down.

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2 Babolat Men’s Propulse 4 All Court Tennis Shoes

These are another very good looking model of tennis shoes that are also extremely comfortable to wear during a match. Babolat has been making quality tennis shoes for quite some time and these shoes definitely keep within that tradition. We think anyone who purchases these to practice or play tennis in will be very happy they did.

It is a tennis shoe that is an improved version of an older Andy Roddick design. These tennis shoes feature superior cushioning and a design that really hugs your foot as you move around. They come in a few different colors to choose from also.

  • What we like about these tennis shoes
    We all agreed that the style and looks of this tennis shoe are outstanding; perhaps one of the nicest looking tennis shoes we have ever seen. Another thing that really appealed to us about them is the fabric and synthetic mix they are made with. This helps to keep them lightweight and durable.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    This is another tennis shoe that tends to run a little bit big, so consider ordering one size smaller. They also only come in what is best described as a very limited color selection.

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3 Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 2 Tennis Shoes

Adidas made a big name for itself in tennis many years ago and shoes like this are the reason their models remain popular to this day. They are a good looking shoe that gives solid support, especially for bigger bodied tennis players.

These shoes are more affordable than some but are still loaded with many great features. They have excellent cushioning thanks to their molded insole and they also have a full rubber outsole that provides excellent traction. This nice tennis shoe also comes in a generous size color assortment.

  • What we like about these tennis shoes
    We all like the fact that these shoes are both sturdy and durable. They give great support to your feet as you are moving around a tennis court. The synthetic material they are made out of not only makes them durable but also keeps them very light in weight.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    These shoes can definitely be a little stiff for some and may definitely not be to the liking of smaller sized tennis players. The synthetic material on them is durable but not if you play on an abrasive type tennis court surface like asphalt.

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4 Nike Men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoes

These are an incredible pair of tennis shoes that Nike makes if they will fit into your budget. We were all amazed at the high quality of these shoes and all the excellent features that they are designed with. They are a hard tennis shoe to beat when it comes to style and performance.

This is a shoe that gets a lot of input as to its design from tennis great Roger Federer. They are lightweight, comfortable and very responsive as you move around the court. This nice pair of tennis shoes even comes in a wide assortment of very stylish color combinations. Kudos to Nike for the way they designed these awesome tennis shoes.

  • What we like about these tennis shoes
    What we like best about this great tennis shoe is what Nike likes to call their ‘adaptive fit’. It is a shoe that really almost seems like it was custom fitted as you wear it. The shoe responds ultra-well to your foot movement because of the fact the shoe actually has a light framework built into it.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    These are shoes that are a better fit for high intermediate or pro level players; novice and lower level players probably don’t need such a fancy shoe to play in. The tongue fit on these shoes seemed a little awkward to some of us too.

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5 New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability Tennis Shoes

This is tennis shoe that has lots of support built into it to help take care of your feet as you play the game of tennis. New Balance is a popular name when it comes to athletic shoes and this fine pair of tennis shoes definitely does not disappoint. They help to eliminate much of the abuse your feet take when you are playing or practicing tennis.

It is a shoe that features only basic styling but there is nothing basic about how good it feels when it is on your foot. These feature superior cushioning all the way throughout the shoe and they support your arches beautifully also.

  • What we like about these tennis shoes
    We were impressed with the durability and support of this shoe. It is made with a combination of leather and tough synthetic material. It features a true rubber sole that wraps around the side of the shoe slightly and reinforcement in the toe area. We feel this is a tennis shoe that will hold up well for a long time.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    Most of us agreed that the styling of these new balance tennis shoes was not up to par with some of the other models of shoes that we reviewed. We also think you may want to try ordering a ½ size bigger than normal because these seem to fit a little tight on some of us.

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6 ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoes

Asics jumps back into the top tennis shoe review list with one of the most affordable tennis shoes that we looked at. Just don’t mistake that for meaning it is not a very good quality tennis shoe. It has many of the same enhanced features that some of the more expensive shoes that we looked at have.

These shoes are built with a lot of synthetic materials that help keep them light in weight. Even the sole of them is more synthetic based as opposed to more traditional rubber soles. Asics has designed these in several different color combinations also.

  • What we like about these tennis shoes
    We all really like the way these shoes have excellent padding throughout them. They are very comfortable, to say the least. They have gel cushioning in both the front and back of the shoe. This also helps them fit the form of your foot nicely too.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    We feel there might be some durability issues with these shoes because of how lightweight the material is they are constructed out of. They may be the type of shoe you just want to wear during matches. Sizing them can be a little tough too, so try them on before wearing them to play or practice in.

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Excellent Buys In Tennis Shoes For Women

After looking at several different models of women’s tennis shoes too, here is what we determined to be the best tennis shoes for women:

  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Nike Women's Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $$$
  • MADE OF : Mesh
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • Color : Viola/Hyper Violet/White/Black
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • ASICS Women's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $$
  • MADE OF : Synthetic/Fabric
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • Color : White/Silver
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Prince Women's T22 Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $$$
  • MADE OF : Synthetic and mesh
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • Color : White/Pink
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $
  • MADE OF : Synthetic/Mesh
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • Color : Frozen Yellow/White/Clear Grey
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • New Balance Women's 786v2 Cushioning Tennis Shoe
  • PRICE $
  • MADE OF : Synthetic/Textile
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • Color : White/Blue - Grey - Guava/White - Grey / Yellow
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • Wilson Women`s Rush Pro 2.0 Tennis Shoes
  • PRICE $$
  • MADE OF : Mesh / Synthetic
  • SOLE : Outsole
  • Color : Gray/Neptune

7 Nike Women’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe

Once again Nike has really impressed us with the design of one of their tennis shoe models on our review list. This time they have done it with a great design for the ladies. These shoes are very comfortable and features Nike’s very good adaptive fit design.

They are a tennis shoe that features a lot of synthetic mesh to make them durable and help keep your feet dry and comfortable. These tennis shoes also come in a wide variety of brilliant colors that are designed more along the lines of what women seem to prefer.

  • What we like about these style women’s tennis shoes
    The weight of these shoes is simply amazing. They are one of the lightest tennis shoes that we have ever reviewed. They are also another Nike tennis shoe that has a lightweight frame built into them which will give your feet the extra support you need as you play the game of tennis.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    There were some sizing issues with these shoes so make sure you try them on before playing in them in case you have to return them. The vibrant colors that some of these model shoes are designed with maybe a little too loud for those ladies with conservative tastes.

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8 ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoes

The Resolution line from Asics has long been a best seller in women’s tennis shoes. When we took a closer look at these shoes it was easy to understand why. The entire shoe from top to bottom is well designed and has high-quality features.

These well-designed tennis shoes have such outstanding features as a true rubber sole that wraps slightly up the side of the shoe and a fully padded tongue and collar. Their synthetic fiber tends to make them very durable and so too does the built-in toe protector on them.

  • What we like about these style women’s tennis shoes
    We all really liked the two-tone styling and the variety of colors that these shoes come in. They really are a very stylish tennis shoe. They also are extremely lightweight; you can hardly tell you have a tennis shoe on when wearing them.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    We thought that the arch support in this model tennis shoe could have been raised up just a little higher to increase the comfort when wearing them. This could lead to some foot soreness after a long match.

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9 Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes

Most of us really like the design of this tennis shoe from Prince. It combines a lot of features that will make this model tennis shoe both last a long time and be very comfortable as you wear it. It is obvious that Prince really did their homework before they designed this shoe and put it into production.

It is also a very lightweight shoe and its all rubber sole will provide you with superior traction too. Take into consideration its many foot support features and you really have the makings of a very good quality tennis shoe here.

  • What we like about these style women’s tennis shoes
    This shoe is vented very well thanks to the synthetic mesh material that is found throughout its construction. The lacing system is also very unique and it is done in such a way that the shoe really fits the form of your feet.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    The biggest drawbacks with this fine tennis shoe are that it features very basic styling and is only available in a very limited amount of colors. This tennis shoe is also a little stiff so it will definitely require a break in period before wearing it in a match.

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10 Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Court W Tennis Shoes

If you are a casual female tennis player that does not want to spend big money on a pair of tennis shoes but still wants to feel comfortable when playing, then these might really be the perfect shoes for you. They are affordable yet have many design features that much higher priced tennis shoes have also.

One of the unique things about this tennis shoe is it fits very tight around the middle of your foot but is more relaxed in your heel and toe area. They are very well cushioned and the rubber sole makes for excellent traction while playing tennis too.

  • What we like about these style women’s tennis shoes
    Of course one of the things we liked best about these tennis shoes is their affordable price point. It means that more casual tennis players can have a nice pair of tennis shoes that won’t break the bank.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    These shoes are affordable and work well but their style is very basic, to say the least. They also only come in a limited selection of color combinations. It is a shoe that some ladies with larger feet may find too narrow and as a result, have to go up a size to get them to fit properly.

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11 New Balance Women’s 786v2 Cushioning Tennis Shoes

There are few companies that make as comfortable a shoe for use during sports as the Japanese company Asics. This fine model of ladies tennis shoes only backs that statement up further. They are very lightweight and comfortable when you are wearing them to play or practice tennis in.

The only thing plain about these shoes is their design. They are priced affordably without giving up all the features that other tennis shoes in its price range do. They feature such great characteristics as a non-marking outer shell and a high traction rubber sole.

  • What we like about these style women’s tennis shoes
    These tennis shoes have a very good combination of durability and comfort. You will feel like you are dreaming when you put your foot inside them because they are so well padded and have excellent foot support in all the right places.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    It seems like when it comes to styling in women’s tennis shoes they are either very uniquely designed or very basic looking. These shoes from new balance are definitely basic in design. The color selection on this model tennis shoe is disappointingly limited also.

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12 Wilson Women’s Rush Pro 2.0 Tennis Shoes

Tennis is one of those popular sports that both men as women enjoy playing. Wilson recognizes that fact and has created a nice women’s tennis shoe based on that fact. Both its style and performance will impress most of the women that purchase it.

They are built using advanced injection molding to shape them and they are a combination of synthetic and mesh to help keep them lightweight and breathable. Wilson really did a nice job on the design of these tennis shoes.

  • What we like about these style women’s tennis shoes
    One of the things that we all really like about this nice ladies tennis shoe from Wilson is the style of it. It comes in a wide variety of colors that are more suited to feminine tastes. It also seems to have a lot more grip than some of the other model tennis shoes that we looked at.
  • Possible drawbacks to purchasing them
    There were a couple things that we would like to not about the fit of these Wilson tennis shoes. The just seemed a little bit bigger and has a clunky type feeling to them. Some of the women here thought they were designed a little on the narrow side too.

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Ultimate Tennis Shoes Buying Guide

tennis shoes for women

Many people wonder if having a shoe that is made for a particular type of court surface is important when you are about to have a tennis match. The answer to that is yes if you are a serious level tennis player. The reason why this is true is that tennis balls react differently on each type of tennis court surface. It stands to reason that you will need different footwork and different shoes to adjust to the different ways that a ball plays on a particular type of tennis court surface.

Choosing The Right Type Of Tennis Shoes For The Surface You Are Playing On

Here are some things to keep in mind about the different tennis court surfaces:

  1. Clay

    Clay courts are some of the most common tennis court surfaces you will find. They are preferred by power hitters who likes to stand back and put everything they have into their shots because the play is a little slower than other surfaces.

    Here are some of the preferred characteristics of tennis shoes that are designed for use on clay courts:

    • Traction – clay courts tend to be very dusty so you will need a shoe with a rubber type sole that offers excellent grip
    • Flat outsole – clay will actually accumulate in any treads that you have on your tennis shoes so you want shoes that do not have thick treads that clay can accumulate in
    • Reinforced sides – since you have less traction on a clay surface you will do a lot of sliding when you play. This can be brutal on shoes that do not have reinforced sides.
    • Superior lateral support – since you mostly play the baseline on clay most of your movement will be from side to side and you will need a shoe that supports this type of movement well.
    • Tight shoe – as with most any surface you want a shoe you can securely fasten so your shoes to move as your feet do
  2. Grass

    This is probably the least common of tennis court surfaces because of the upkeep it requires. Grass tennis courts tend to play very fast and they are ideal for players with booming serves and who like to charge the net.

    Here are some of the characteristics of tennis shoes that you will need on this type of surface:

    • Flat soles – grass is very sensitive to any types of tread moving across it so in many places with grass courts you are required to wear completely flat tennis shoes
    • Good traction – grass can be a very slippery surface because it tends to get worn down over time and it can be like ice when it gets even a little moisture on it
    • Superior fit – shoes that you can tighten very much often work the best on grass courts because of the need to have your shoe quickly move as you do
  3. Other hard courts

    These tend to be more of a hybrid type surface that combines the play characteristics of both grass and clay courts but does so in a more moderate fashion. These types of courts suit all different playing styles because of that.

    Here are some of the key characteristics of tennis shoes that you will need on this hybrid type of surface:

    • Side reinforcement – without a doubt hardcourt surfaces tend to be the roughest on your tennis shoes. The more reinforcement inbuilt into your tennis shoe the better; especially on the sides
    • Superior cushioning – hardcourt tennis surfaces are not only rough on your shoes they are rough on your feet also. If you play regularly on a hardcourt surface you should invest in a shoe with lots of padding inside
    • Rugged outsole – it’s ok to have a sole with a slight amount of tread on a hardcourt surface. Just make sure it is not one that will wear down very quickly
    • Great fit – you want a shoe you van lace up tight and it fits your foot like a glove. If your foot moves around in your tennis shoe as you play on a hardcourt surface you will be in big trouble.

    So if you are a serious tennis player, then match these preferred tennis shoe characteristics to the type of surface you will be playing on. It will really up to your game a notch if you do.

What Are The Special Features Of Tennis Shoes?

tennis shoes for menTennis shoes may not seem to be any different than any other type of athletic shoe. They look a lot like any training or running shoe to tell you the truth. In reality, though, tennis shoes really have a lot of hidden features that make them unique.

4 Characteristics Of Tennis Shoes

Here are some of the characteristics of tennis shoes that make them unique or different than other types of athletic sneakers:

  • Reinforcement

    Tennis shoes take a beating because of the types of surfaces the game is played on. This is especially true on highly abrasive hardcourts such as concrete and asphalt. These types of surfaces can ruin a regular sneaker in as little time as a match or two.

    That is why a tennis shoe needs to be reinforced in several key areas. The most important of which is the toe area and along the sides. That is why on quality tennis shoes you will you will see extra material built into the toe area and their rubber soles will wrap up the sides of the shoe slightly. This gives the tennis shoe the extra protection it needs to last a long time.

  • Price

    People do not think of it often as a characteristic of tennis shoes but it truly is. Tennis shoes tend to run on the more expensive side because of all the time it takes to design them and the extra work it takes to build all of their unique features into the shoe. It is very hard to find a bargain on a good pair of tennis shoes.

  • Additional support

    There is support built into tennis shoes that you will not see in the same place on other types of athletic shoes. An example of this is the extra support that tennis shoes have for the medial arch area. Tennis is a game that requires a multitude of different foot actions and because of that tennis shoes are often reinforced in a way that supports your foot when making these foot movements.

  • Tennis shoes require a happen medium between speed and stability

    This comes into play in the way a tennis shoe sole is made in order to get a superior grip as you play the game but not so much that it slows down your movement. That is why we say you need a happy medium between these two things in your tennis shoe.

    This is accomplished by using soles that have very little tread on them that is more solid in nature than what you would find on many athletic sneakers. Tennis shoes have very minimalist tread designs if any at all and their grip tends to come from the composition of the material they are made of; this is vastly different than most other types of athletic shoes.

Tips For Choosing The Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes

most comfortable tennis shoesWhen people talk about tennis equipment that talk inevitably centers on the type of racket you use. That is a shame because that often leads to the importance of the shoes you wear into being completely overlooked. That is a surefire recipe for disaster no matter how good a racket you have to use.

Why are your shoes you play so important to you in the game of tennis? There are two reasons for this. One is that traction and grip are essential to performance; if you cannot get to a ball and then plant your feet to stroke it, then you are simply not going to play the game very well. The other important aspect of tennis shoes is their comfort level. Your feet take a beating in the game of tennis so you want to keep your feet as cool and comfortable as possible when you play the game.

4 Things That Make Tennis Shoes More Comfortable

  • Mesh panels

    There is nothing more uncomfortable than having wet and stinky feet. This can be avoided by having a pair of tennis shoes that has good air ventilation characteristics. This is usually accomplished by having mesh panels built into the tennis shoes that promote good air flow through them.

  • Gel inserts

    It’s no secret that gel inserts are becoming more and more popular to use in various types of sporting equipment and tennis shoes are no exception to that. They are popular because not only do they help cushion your feet but they also are flexible so they conform to the shape of your feet when you put on your tennis shoes. It makes for more of a custom type feel that greatly improves the comfort level of your feet when you wear your tennis shoes.

  • Foam cushioning

    Soft foam cushioning found throughout the inside of a tennis shoe will also make them very comfortable to wear. The more cushioning found inside your tennis shoes the better there will feel as you wear them. This type of padding works great because it has some give to it as you play the game of tennis and it also conforms to your feet when you lace your tennis shoes up tight.

  • Lightweight materials

    You have probably felt the difference of the weight on your feet when you wear a pair of work boots as opposed to a pair of sneakers; the heavy boots are much more uncomfortable to wear than the sneakers are. Weight makes a big difference in such things as the amount of effort it takes to move and how quickly you can move. That is why it is best to get the lightest tennis shoe possible so you can wear them a long time and they will still feel good on your feet.

The more of these types of comfort aids a tennis shoe has the more comfortable it will be the longer you wear it.

How to Clean Tennis Shoes

Here are some instructions for cleaning your tennis shoes when they need it:

  • Washing
    Some people say it’s ok to throw your tennis shoes in the washer but we strongly disagree with that. If your tennis shoes rub up against heavier clothes or the internal part of a washing machine it can really be harmful to the surface of them. Here is how we would go about washing them.Step 1: Prepare a light clothes detergent solution in a bowl and also round up an old toothbrush or other very soft bristle type brush. You will also need a clean rag.Step 2: Use the rag dipped in the detergent solution to saturate the outside material on your tennis shoes. Try not to get the inside of them wet if at all possible because this can dry rot the interior and make them smell bad too.Step 3: Next lightly scrub any stained spots on the outside of them with the toothbrush. Press lightly at first and get progressively harder if the stained area is not coming out. Don’t overdo it here because a stain is much better than a hole in your expensive tennis shoes.Step 4: Once you have cleaned your tennis shoes thoroughly with the toothbrush then it is best to get the detergent off them. Do this by turning your tennis shoes lace side down and lightly rinsing them with water. Again be careful not to get the inside of the tennis shoes wet.
  • Drying
    Once again we are not going to advocate putting your shoes inside an electric or gas clothes dryer to get them dry. This is best done naturally. Loosen the laces on your tennis shoes and pull the tongue back slightly. Place the shoes outside in an area that is exposed to the sun. If it is a cloudy day then keep them inside with an electric fan blowing on them to dry them faster.
  • After Drying
    Once your shoes are dry add a little talcum or athletes foot powder inside them to keep them smelling fresh and to help remove any excess moisture that may have gotten inside as you were cleaning them.If you do these steps as described, then it will go a long way toward keeping your valued tennis shoes looking great and also help make them last you a long time.

What Are Tennis Shoes Made Out Of?

tennis shoes careThe trend in tennis shoe design these days is to make shoes that are very lightweight, have excellent traction and are very durable too. This is a lot harder for the manufacturers to do than one might think. The key to making shoes this way is in the materials that the tennis shoes are made of.

So what are tennis shoes made of these days? The answer to that is they are made of newer type synthetic materials that are known to be durable too. This means they are made out of such materials as stretch polyester and more rigid forms of a spandex type material. There is very little leather in them these days which was the most common material found in them in the past. Some brands of tennis shoes even have soles that are made out of synthetic materials these days.

Most of the soles on tennis shoes are not made of synthetic material but newer forms of light weight rubber. You will also see many types of mesh material used in tennis shoes so your foot will stay cool and dry as you play the sport too.

There is no doubt about it that the sophistication of the materials that are used in tennis shoes goes up seemingly every year. Unfortunately, so does the price of tennis shoes because of that too. So tennis shoes really have a lot more to them material wise then meet the eye.

Tennis Shoe FAQ’s

Can I just wear regular sneakers to play tennis in?

You can but it is not allowed in many places and it is not really advisable to do so even if it is. Why might you be wondering? For one, tennis shoes have an extreme amount of support in them because it is necessary with all the footwork that you do when playing. They also have special soles that are designed to grip most court surfaces better than a gymnasium type shoe.

Tennis shoes are also extremely lightweight by design. They use special synthetic materials to achieve this. Other types of shoes or sneakers are heavier and will tend to fatigue your legs faster because of that.

I am a woman and dislike colors that are considered girly. Is there any reason I cannot wear a men’s tennis shoe?

The answer here is no but with an asterisk. A male or female can wear a tennis shoe that was designed for the opposite sex as long as it does one thing and that is fit. If a shoe is too loose or too tight it could be disastrous to your tennis form.
Men’s and women’s shoes tend to be designed differently because of the normal characteristics of each sex’s feet are normally shaped differently. A man’s foot tends to be wider and taller than a woman’s foot is. A woman’s foot tends to be narrower than and not as high as a man’s. Since manufacturers build these characteristics into their tennis shoes the opposite sexes shoes will usually not fit the other sex well.

How do tennis shoes differ from running shoes?

This is a very good question and one that we get all the time. Although they offer to appear similar, running shoes and tennis shoes have a lot of subtle differences between them. For starters, running shoes tend to have a much more aggressive tread design than tennis shoes. This is because sometimes need the extra traction to jog off-road or on taller grass surfaces.
Another difference is that running shoes are designed to support you as you jog or walk in a relatively straight line manner. Tennis shoes on the other are built in such a way that they allow you to move very freely from side to side. Such things as reinforced toes and medial arch supports are found in tennis shoes but are not usually built into running shoes.

Because of these differences, it is recommended that you always wear the proper shoes when playing tennis. This will help not only improve your performance but will also protect your feet better as you play the game.

You talked a little bit about different shoes being made for play on different types of surfaces. Is it really that important to match the type of shoe to the surface you are playing on?

Some of you may not like this answer but it is both yes and no. How can it be both you might wonder? That is because it really depends on the level of tennis you are playing at. Let’s be realistic if you are a casual tennis player that goes out and hits balls with friends occasionally it is probably not going to matter what type of tennis shoe you have on.

On the other hand, if you are a serious player, play in a club sanctioned league or are even a pro or semi-pro player, then you will definitely want to match the tennis shoe you wear to the type of surface you are playing on. Tennis shoes are designed by experts on all different types of tennis court surfaces and they design shoes that will help you get better traction and cut faster on a specific type of surface.

Also, check out the reviews of top rated tennis racquets!


ASICS Men's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe
$$$SyntheticRubber soleWhite/Blue/Silver
Babolat Propulse 4 Mens Tennis Shoes
$$$Fabric and SyntheticMidsoleSchwarz
Adidas Performance Men's Barricade Court 2 Tennis Shoe
$$SyntheticRubber soleCollegiate Navy/Vivid Red/White
Nike Men's Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe
New Balance Men's MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe
$$$ Leather and syntheticRubber soleWhite
ASICS Men's GEL Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe
$SyntheticSynthetic soleFlash Green/White/Black
Nike Women's Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe
$$$$MeshRubber soleViola/Hyper Violet/White/Black
ASICS Women's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe
$$Synthetic/FabricRubber soleWhite/Silver
Prince Women's T22 Tennis Shoe
$$$Synthetic and meshRubber soleWhite/Pink
Adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe
$Synthetic/MeshRubber soleFrozen Yellow/White/Clear Grey
New Balance Women's 786v2 Cushioning Tennis Shoe
$Synthetic/TextileRubber soleWhite/Blue
Wilson Women`s Rush Pro 2.0 Tennis Shoes
$$Mesh / SyntheticOutsoleGray/Neptune

Match The Tennis Shoe You Buy To Your Level Of Play

We have gone over an abundance of information on tennis shoes in this article. That included several reviews on the best men’s tennis shoes and a few reviews on the best women’s tennis shoes also. You can say it might even have been information overload or some things you already. Whatever the case may be the general theme you should have gotten out of this article is that you need to match your tennis shoes to your level of play in the sport.

You can also refer to this article when you are shopping for tennis shoes if you decide not to purchase any of the models that we reviewed for you. The buying advice we supplied here is sound and will help guide you to selecting the best shoes for tennis that fit your needs. This information will also do such things as tell you what makes the most comfortable tennis shoes. Good luck with your shopping and have fun playing the wonderful game of tennis.

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