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The Wilson Blade 98 ‘Countervail’ Racquet Will Balance Out Your Tennis Game

We don’t have to tell you there is no more important piece of equipment you will use in the game of tennis than your racquet. Having the right tennis racquet to play with can truly elevate your game to another level. That is why so many pros and amateur players use the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Racquet as their racquet of choice. Here is a little more information about one of the most popular tennis racquets that you will find in the sports marketplace at the moment.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Wilson Blade 98 Tennis Racquet


  • Uses advanced ‘countervail’ construction
  • Extremely lightweight for faster swing speeds
  • Gives you excellent shot control


  • Sacrifices a little power for control
  • Does not maximize your service

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More Details About This Excellent Tennis Racquet

Wilson is a true leader when it comes to making quality tennis racquets and they certainly did not disappoint when they introduced this model tennis racquet. The company has put in the time and effort to add improvements to this line of tennis racquets each and every year.

This year’s version definitely has a different feel than the previous year’s model because of the subtle improvements Wilson has made it with. Characteristics such as a ‘grippier’ string technology and improved dampening effects when the ball strikes the racquet has significantly improved the control you will get on your return shots with this model racquet. There is definitely a noticeable difference in this area from its predecessor last year.

It is a tennis racquet that offers a few options to those that purchase it such as different string patterns. The most popular of which is the 18×20 pattern which provides for a little more power and the 16×19 pattern for those players that emphasize control.

Another change that Wilson saw fit to have done to this quality line of tennis racquets is to improve the look of it. It has a sleek new finish that will compliment any uniform that is worn while using it. That may not help your game and when you are playing but it may just give you a little extra confidence when playing.

Special Features That Set Wilson Blade 98 ‘Countervail’ Racquet Apart From The Competition

This model racquet features what Wilson calls their ‘countervail’ technology. This is a manufacturing process that adds additional carbon fibers into the frame of the racquet to keep it lightweight and help it absorb energy better when a ball strikes the racquet. As a result of this, a player will get faster swing speeds and also suffer less from arm fatigue as a match moves along. This technology also tends to ‘dampen’ the speed of the incoming tennis ball when it hits the racquet so you have a better chance of hitting a return shot with more control.

Playing Style This Tennis Racquet Is Best Suited For

Even though big hitters can still generate some big power behind their shots with this model tennis racquet, it is best suited for players that play more of a finesse game. This racquet will give you superior feel and control when returning a shot. That makes it ideal for players that like to charge the net, constantly change the speed of their shots or play a lot of spin as part of their game. It is ideally suited for the player that likes more balance to their game.

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Some Final Thoughts On Wilson Blade 98 ‘Countervail’ Racquet

We were really impressed with the overall characteristics of this really nice tennis racquet. It is easy to see why some top ten tennis professionals like Milos Raonic of Canada have made it their racquet of choice. It truly has a lot to offer any player that uses it.

The Wilson Blade 98 ‘Countervail’ Racquet was designed mainly for intermediate level and above tennis players. These tend to be the types of players that demand a more balanced performance from their racquets and this model will really give that to you. The technology built into this racquet enhances such characteristics as shot power, ball control, and swing speed when you use it. If those are characteristics that suit your game, then you can never go wrong purchasing this fine model tennis racquet.