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We know that sports fans are serious about their equipment. That’s why we, at Guide Tennis, have made it our job to do comprehensive research, to try and to test tennis and other court sports products, and to always give you our honest opinions on them.

Have you taken up a court sport already, or you’re still searching for the one that will best suit you? It doesn’t matter. You can find all the information for a variety of them here. There’s no need to hurry or stress about this. You can always try some of them and then decide which is the right sport for you. Luckily, we provide you with information and reviews on products for different level players – beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

You can browse our selection of different court sports product reviews, informative posts, and buying guides. They are all intended to help you in your quest to find the best rackets or other sports accessories. Also, to know what features you should look for and what not to look for in certain types of products.

Guide Tennis is the place to look for regular updates and reviews on court sports products and guides. The court sports we will discuss are tennis, badminton, pickleball, and racquetball.


TennisTennis is a very old sport. During its long history, it has grown in popularity, it has changed some rules, and it has been perfected. An interesting fact about the game is that it is included in the Paralympics. But that’s just one of the many interesting facts about tennis and one of the modifications the sport has been through over the years.

No sport is easy to learn and master. But that is no reason to quit. Like many sports brands, motivational words say, you should work hard and never give up. Keeping your eyes on the prize should be your number one priority. Even if you want to play tennis casually, you should have some knowledge about the sport, not only the rules.

When you decide to try taking up tennis, there are a couple of things you should know:

  1. You can check out our reviews and buying guide on tennis rackets. For beginners, especially, it is imperative to find the best tennis racket that is lighter because your arm isn’t used to swinging something heavy. Every beginner must start with a light racket so the arm can get used to the weight and the movements.
  2. Don’t go to the court without your racket. “I’ll use another one just for this training” will not end well for you. Using the wrong racket can have several effects on your game. For example, you can get tired faster, not be able to make a good service, and you may play worse.
  3. Accessories and clothes are also essential. Every man and woman should find comfortable tennis shoes and clothes. We’ve taken care of that for you as well, you can check out our product reviews on men’s tennis shoes and the reviews we have on women’s tennis shoes. Finding comfortable shoes is key to having a good posture and being able to swing the racket better.

If you’re an intermediate player, who has played the game and is in the know for most of do’s and don’ts in the game, we can help you too. We have done the research, and we have produced a comprehensive buying guide for tennis rackets for intermediates, which you can devour in minutes.

Moreover, if you came here and you’re already an advanced level player, you are in the right place. The professional level players, who already have their own style, will also find a lot of helpful information on our site. To help you up to your game and your technique, we have assembled a thorough buying guide for tennis rackets for professionals. The guide is accompanied by our reviews on some of the top-selling rackets for advanced players as well.

For all level players, you will find helpful information for most court sports accessories. You can check out our reviews on tennis bags and find one that will be with you from the beginning to your winning the Wimbledon. But if you’re someone who wants to train with a machine instead of a trainer, you can read some of our reviews on tennis ball machines. It will help make your decision about which is suitable for a beginner.

What else should you know about tennis?

playing tennisIf you have been playing tennis for a while, you probably have heard or even had the tennis elbow. If you are a beginner, you should know that this is the most common injury that tennis players suffer from.

It is characterized by pain in your elbow, which sometimes can go down the forearm and the wrist, sometimes up to the shoulder. It can be relieved by painkillers or wearing an elbow strap.

However, you can avoid this problem overall if you choose the right racket and if you don’t overwork yourself, of course.

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playing badmintonThis sport, while not the most popular in the USA, is loved a lot in other countries and especially Asian countries. It is even included in the Summer Olympics, but many people all over the world play badminton as a form of high-intensity-interval-training.

Unlike tennis, badminton is played with a shuttlecock and a differently shaped racket. This is the fastest racquet sport, with shuttlecock speeds reaching more than 200 miles per hour. So, if you are just starting and doing your research, make sure to check our reviews of badminton rackets because you will need the best one.

With badminton, it is not only the racket that matters as it is in tennis. The shuttlecock is also a very important factor for good a game goes. There are different types – plastic and made with goose feathers. There sizes, and weight varies as well. Lighter ones fly slower, and heavier ones are used in professional games.

Of course, there are different types of badminton rackets. Their main differences are in the head shape and the weight. There are oval and square head badminton rackets, where the difference is in the racket’s sweet spot. Other factors that change the badminton racket’s power are shaft, balance, string tension.

At Tennis Guide, we provide helpful information and how-to guides related to badminton on a regular basis. You can read about how to choose the best rackets for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, as well as recreational players.

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RacquetballThis game is younger than tennis and badminton, and it’s been around since the mid-19th century. It’s played with a racket and a ball, like tennis, but both are different. A racquetball racket is shaped differently, and the ball is hollow and rubber.

What’s interesting about this sport is the ball colors. The balls for racquetball are produced in a wide variety of colors, and there’s a logical reason behind that. Commonly used colors are blue, green, red, pink, purple, and black.

The colors are different for outdoors or indoor games. But also, since racquetball is very faced-paced, the color of the ball is essential for the eyes of the player. For example, the most used colors for beginners are blue and green, which also have an average accuracy of contact. For tournaments, black balls are used, whereas some professional players who can play at a quicker pace use a red ball. The red balls are heavier and bounce faster, which requires swift hand movements from the player.

If you’re just starting and learning racquetball, you should read our racquetball rackets reviews. It’s crucial to find the best racket for you, so you don’t injure yourself right from the beginning.

If you’re looking for a sport to help you with your health and mental well-being, racquetball is the one for you. It trains almost every muscle group in your body, helping you become stronger and keep off excess weight. Plus, regular training sessions help with mental clarity and sharp thinking because of its fast-paced nature.

Overall, this game depends more on your speed and your skills. You should find a racket that feels like an extension of your arm. Racquet shoes and eye goggles are a must when playing racquetball. Don’t forget to get a pair before you begin your lessons.


PickleballPickleball is the youngest court sport out of the above-mentioned ones. In itself, it combines elements from tennis, table tennis, and badminton. This game is suitable for two or four players, all you need is a ball and paddles. The game was invented as a children’s game back in the mid-1960s in the USA. Recently, it’s becoming a sport that many older people are starting to enjoy and participate in. However, the game is appropriate for all ages. You can read more and learn What is pickleball here on our site. We have done the research and made the information easily digestible for you.

Pickleball requires a perforated polymer ball that the players pass to one another using paddles, over a net. When you are looking for a pickleball paddle, you should pay attention to the grip, the weight, and the shape. Just like in tennis and the other court sports, here, the paddle should be comfortable and feel like a continuation of your arm. Keep in mind that a heavier paddle may increase your chances of having a wrist or elbow injuries (including tennis elbow).

Even though it is often compared to tennis, there are differences between tennis and pickleball. Since pickleball paddles are shorter, the weight and the balance are distributed differently than in a tennis or racquetball racket. That, combined with the right grip size, can give you a significant advantage at being great at pickleball.

Wrap Up

As you can see, these four court sports have a lot of similarities, but they are very different. The difference is mainly felt during a game. But what is good about court sports is that they can be played outdoors and indoors, so you can have your training sessions or game regardless of the weather. As long as you have an indoor court nearby, of course.

You may wonder why there are so many different rackets, balls, and shuttlecocks for these games. That’s because even though they look and sound similar, these sport requires different equipment for playing them. We’re here to present you with useful information about court sports and accessories. Because we know how overwhelming it is to look for information in ten or more different places, we’ve collected it all in one place.

Every sport, or any other activity, as a matter of fact, is challenging at first. No matter which one of these you choose, or for what purpose, don’t give up easily. Even if you play as a recreational sport, they are good for leading an active lifestyle and keep your energy levels high. These sports also have positive long-term effects on your cardiovascular health, your weight balance, your coordination, and flexibility. It’s a win-win situation for your entire body if you’re a serious player and upgrade yourself from a beginner to a professional player.

The Tennis Guide team includes experts whose job it is to help people interested in court sport and looking for more information. You can come back and see more of our in-depth buying guides and sports products and accessories reviews.