6 Best Tennis Strings – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)

Changing Your Tennis Strings May Improve Your Overall Tennis Game!

Are you not getting the feeling you want when you hit a tennis ball? You have tried changing rackets but that did not help. Maybe the problem is with your tennis racquet stringing?

Can a new style tennis string really affect how you hit a tennis ball? The answer is, absolutely. The best tennis strings can really have a dramatic effect on how well you hit the ball. Many tennis professionals will tell you that serious players try to match the strings on their tennis racquet to how they play the game. That is why we will several tennis string reviews in this article.

Our hope is that once you learn more about an individual tennis strings characteristics you will be able to find one that better matches the way you hit a tennis ball.

  • 4.6 Customer Rating
  • Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String Black
  • Gauge : 18 / 17 / 16
  • Length : 660 feet
  • String Type : Monofilament
  • Color : Black
  • 4.9 Customer Rating
  • Wilson Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set
  • Gauge : 16
  • Length : Every set of string 12m/40ft
  • String Type : Co-polymer fluorocarbon resin fibers
  • Color : Black / Grey / Silver
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin Poly String - 40 foot Pack
  • Gauge : 16 / 17
  • Length : 40 foot
  • String Type : Polyester
  • Color : Green
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String
  • Gauge : 16
  • Length : 40 foot
  • String Type : Polyester and polyamide fibers
  • Color : Natural
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16g White Tennis String
  • Gauge : 16
  • Length : 40 foot
  • String Type : Synthetic Gut
  • Color : White / Black / Gold / Platinum / Purple / Yellow
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Head Rip Control Tennis String
  • Gauge : N / A
  • Length : 105 cm
  • String Type : Polyurethane Elastomer
  • Color : White

Best Tennis String Reviews (Newest Models)

Here is what we feel are the top replacement tennis strings available in the sports marketplace:

1. Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String Black

There are several reasons why Babolat tennis racquets perform so well and one of those are the strings that tennis company uses. This string is one of their most popular types of tennis racquet strings that you can buy.

Many users of this string rave about how it gives them more control over the shots they play in a tennis game without it taking much away from their power. The black color of this string actually is a coating that helps its performance. This fine replacement strings sleek looking black color will also intimidate your opponents a little too.

  • What we like best about this tennis string
    The secret to this strings enhanced performance lies in the shape of its string. It is made using advanced extruded monofilament fibers that are actually woven into an octagonal shape. This advanced design is supposed to give you more control over your shots without sacrificing power.
  • Areas this tennis string needs improvement
    This is a string that is best used by tennis players that don’t mind getting their racquets strung on a consistent basis. It is a 660 foot roll which is much more than any casual tennis player will ever need.

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2. Wilson Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set

There is a reason why Wilson is one of the most popular tennis equipment manufacturers and that reason is they put a lot of effort into the design and testing of their products. This fine tennis string is a testament to that fact.

This fine tennis string is made using mostly fluorocarbon resin fibers. These types of fibers are known for helping you get improved ball control on your shots and a better feel for what you are doing when hitting the ball. There are also a few aluminum fibers mixed in with this string so you don’t sacrifice any power for the increased ball control you get.

  • What we like best about this tennis string
    There are many things that really stand out about this tennis string but there is one fact that sticks out above all the rest. That is that over 50% of professional players use this brand tennis string. That is something to strongly consider if you are a serious tennis player who wants to try a different string on your racquet.
  • Areas this tennis string needs improvement
    We have to be very honest here and tell you that this string gets very few complaints from those who have tried it. It can be a little hard to handle while stringing because of the way it is packaged and some players do not like the color choices that this string comes in.

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3. Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin Poly String – 40 foot Pack

This is one of those strings that finesse tennis player’s love. It helps many people who don’t have a strong power game take more control over the accuracy and spin they get on their return volleys.

How do these strings gain you increased control? It may be because Solinco describes them as only being medium in firmness. That means they have a little give to them as the ball hits your tennis racquet and that allows you to get more movement on a tennis ball when you hit it.

  • What we like best about this tennis string
    This string is very responsive when you hit a ball with it. That is why so many players that emphasize spin on their shots when playing the game of tennis choose this brand of string. The ball tends to stay on this string a fraction of a second longer to help you get the control and spin you like on your shots.
  • Areas this tennis string needs improvement
    Most players that use this string love the ball control you get but definitely experience a slight drop in power on their shots at the same time. Some player’s say they have to swing a little harder when using this tennis string on their racquet to make up for the slight loss of power you get with it.

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4. Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String

These strings act very similar to the Solinco replacement tennis strings that we just reviewed. The reason players choose this string is all about the control it helps give them over their shots. You will like it too if your preferred tennis game is one that emphasizes long volleys and spin shots.

It’s a stiff tennis string that works best if you have a racquet that is more to the stiff side too. This string comes with a 40-foot roll which is enough to string a tennis racquet and have some left over too just in case you need to make a repair.

  • What we like best about this tennis string
    These strings are great for those players that do not like to replace their tennis racquet strings all the time. They are made of a blend of both polyester and nylon fibers. These are two fibers that are known for their strength and durability.
  • Areas this tennis string needs improvement
    Once again this is a string that accentuates control while at the same time sacrifices some power. For players that play a true finesse game, this is most likely an acceptable trade. This string will not appeal to you if you are a true power player on the tennis court.

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5. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16g White Tennis String

Prince tennis racquets are among the most popular tennis racquets for both hardcore and casual tennis enthusiasts. Part of the reason for that is their string quality. Now you can get their quality synthetic gut replacement strings for your racquet too.

This string will get you close to having the best of both worlds. It compares favorably to much more expensive real gut strings that many high-level tennis players prefer and it does it this without the higher cost of those same real gut tennis strings.

  • What we like best about this tennis string
    These strings are made well and will nicely help more than one area of your game. Most players who use them agree that they will not only impact how much spin you can put on the ball but they will also help you generate a little more power behind your shots too.
  • Areas this tennis string needs improvement
    There are a few concerns we had with this particular tennis racquet replacement string. One of them is this string is not as elastic as some players like and they may sacrifice a little ball control because of it. You also may have to adjust the string tension a few times to get it to feel right for you.

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6. Head Rip Control Tennis String

Here is another string that is designed to enhance ball control. It is the type of string that is preferred by those players who like to control their shot placement and put a lot of spin on the ball while doing it.
This fine string will soften the speed of an incoming tennis ball that impacts against it. The result will be you will get a better feel for the ball as hits your racquet and be able to do more with your return shot. Better feel usually contributes to you being able to do things with a return shot such as adding more spin or changing up the speed of it (as in hitting a soft drop shot).

  • What we like best about this tennis string
    This string is among the tackiest tennis strings you will ever see. That tackiness helps the tennis ball stay on the strings longer as you strike it. The end result is much more spin and greatly increased control over your shots.
  • Areas this tennis string needs improvement
    The increased time the tennis ball stays on your strings is both a good thing and bad thing. Yes, it will help you control your shots more but it will also take away from your power some. So consider carefully if this string will help or hurt your overall game before purchasing it.

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best tennis stringsHere are the important characteristics of tennis strings to highly consider when you are looking to purchase new string for your tennis racquet:

Choose the Right String for Your Racquet In 10 Steps

  1. Tennis string material

    There are many different materials that tennis strings are made of and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most popular types of material that tennis racquet strings are made out of:

    • Natural Gut
      For many years natural gut strings were the choice of tennis professionals the world over. They are the least used type of tennis string now because they are by far the most costly type of tennis string and their use is often protested by animal activists.
      They are still considered a high-performance tennis string by many. This type of string has the least amount of vibration when a tennis ball strikes it (great for those with arm problems) and it also offers a player a crisp and natural feel as they strike a tennis ball.
    • Nylon (Synthetic Gut)
      When tennis manufacturers were finding it tough to get gut material for their strings at a reasonable price they first turned nylon to try and duplicate the performance of natural gut strings.
      This is usually the string of choice for lower level and intermediate level tennis players. That is because this type of tennis racquet string is known for its balance between comfort and power.
    • Polyester (Poly)/Co-poly
      This tennis string when it first came out proved to be a huge hit with experienced and professional tennis players. So much so that it quickly became the number one tennis string on the professional tennis circuit.
      This string offered those that use it a rare combination of durability, power and ball control. It particularly caters to those tennis players that use quick long strokes when they strike a tennis ball.
      Co-poly takes this ideal string technology even higher. These types of tennis strings are polyester strings with additional qualities such as new shapes and construction methods. They have increased the comfort level of hard hitters and at the same time allowed for more topspin to be placed on shots without having them leave the court so often.
    • Kevlar
      This is by far the strongest tennis string that you buy. It is the perfect string for novice and younger players because it will not break even with frequent mishits.
      There is, however, a tradeoff for this increased string strength. It makes this string very stiff. So much so that it reduces playability. That is why you will almost never see a tennis racquet strung with 100% Kevlar fibers. They almost always have nylon fibers mixed in with them to reduce keep a tennis racquets strings from being overly stiff.
  2. Durability

    Most serious tennis players carry more than one racquet over concerns that they may break a string on their racquet during play. It is a big concern with less durable tennis string materials such as natural gut. Both the thickness of a tennis string and the material it is made out of contributing to its durability.
    Why do some players choose to play with tennis strings that are not very durable? That is because durable tennis strings have a reputation for being too stiff. Many players claim that stiffness takes away from the feel that gets when playing a tennis ball and in turn decreases the playability when they hit a tennis ball.
    Many players look to use tennis racquet strings that are a compromise between durability and playability.

  3. String Gauge (thickness)

    Tennis strings come in different gauges and these do make a difference in how the string on your racquet plays. The typical gauge sizes that tennis racquet strings come in a range from 15 gauge (the thickest) to 19 gauge (the thinnest). These gauges represent a number range in millimeters of the string thickness. For example; a 15 gauge tennis string will have a thickness of 1.41-1.49 mm.
    How does thickness play a role in how your tennis racquet will perform when hitting a ball? A thicker tennis racquet string will be more durable and require less effort to hit the ball hard. A thinner tennis string is prone to breaking easier but it will give you more playability as you strike the ball.

  4. Stiffness

    The stiffness of a tennis racquet string has to do with how much give it has when a tennis ball strikes it. The more give your tennis string has the more power you get on your return shots. Players that like to hit their shots with more control generally like their strings to be a little stiffer. Those players that play tennis with an emphasis on finesse don’t prefer their tennis strings to be as stiff either.
    Keep in mind that the stiffness of your tennis strings is a combination of how the string is made and the tension you set the string at on your racquet.

  5. Vibration dampening

    The more vibration you feel in your racquet when you hit a return tennis shot the more uncomfortable it is. That is why many players like to string their racquets with strings that are said to have vibration dampening characteristics. This simply means they soften the blow of a tennis ball when it hits your racquet so the impact is not quite so severe. Strings that dampen vibration make for a much more comfortable tennis experience.

  6. Tackiness

    Tackiness is the tendency of a tennis ball to stick to the surface of your strings. Some replacement tennis racquet strings have materials or coatings added to them that will actually make a tennis ball stick to them for a fraction of a second longer than other types of tennis racquet string.
    Having strings that ‘grip’ a tennis ball a little gives you more control over your shots because the ball stays on your racquet just a fraction of a second more than it normally would. This contributes to being able to put more spin on a return shot and hit it more accurately where you want it to go.

  7. Shape

    Most people don’t look close enough to notice but these days most quality tennis strings are no longer around I shape. This happens by design and not by chance. Manufacturers experiment with different shapes all the time to see if these shapes can enhance ball control and performance as you play tennis.
    You do still see round shape tennis strings on cheaper racquets but they no longer dominate the market. These days the most popular tennis strings are either square or octagonal in shape. Unconventional shapes like these are thought to hold the ball a slight fraction of a second longer to help increase the control you have over a tennis ball as you swing.

  8. Package length

    There is no set size of the string that a package of tennis string contains. That means you have to make sure that you have enough string in the package you buy to restring your racquet. You will need one continuous string of material in order to restring your racket in the best way possible.
    If you are not sure how much string your racquet needs then buy extra racket string just to be sure. It is very rare that any tennis racquet would require more than 50 feet of string.

  9. Coatings

    Some strings actually have the coating on them to help achieve different effects when the ball hits them. String coatings are designed to do such things as dampening the impact of a tennis ball that hits them or provides tackiness so you have more control over your return shots. So be aware of any coating that a string you want to buy may have and how it may positively impact your play.

  10. Color

    There is no reason why you can’t look good when playing tennis and your racquet strings certainly can play a part in that. Some serious tennis players actually like to match their tennis string color to their attire. It may not help your tennis game but it can help you feel better about the way you look.
    String color can also send a message to your opponent too. A tennis racquet with black string can make you look more intimidating and there are bold string colors that can have that effect too.
    You must also note that some string coatings are colored and that may be the reason why your tennis string is the color it is. So changing your string color may not be an option in your case because it might hurt your performance.

How to Restring Your Own Tennis Racquet

tennis strings reviewsMany people like to restring their own tennis racquets and it’s something you certainly can do yourself. It’s a little tedious but when done right it’s just as good as having a machine string your racquet for you.

Materials needed to restring

Here are the materials you will need in order to restring your tennis racquet yourself:

  1. Tennis stringing machine (you don’t need to buy an expensive model)
  2. New tennis string
  3. Lineman’s pliers
  4. Screwdriver

Here are the steps involved in restringing your tennis racquet:

  1. Step: Prep your tennis racquet by cutting out and removing all of the old tennis string. Once that is done give your tennis racquet a good cleaning too.
  2. Step: Place your tennis racket onto the holding screws on your tennis restringing machine. Don’t overtighten the screws or it may damage your tennis racquet frame.
  3. Step: Set the string tension you desire into your restringing machine. Once that is dining start in the center of the racquet and do all of your vertical strings from the top to the bottom of the racquet.
    Work from the center of the racquet towards one end. When finished cut off the excess fishing line with the lineman’s pliers but leave enough to tie a knot. Tie off the string using a fishing knot and then start in the center again and work toward the other end.
  4. Step: Next you will have to do your crosses from side to side. This takes much longer because you will have to weave them through the vertical strings using an over then under patter. Once this is done again cut the string with the lineman’s pliers and again tie a fishing knot. Use the screwdriver to straighten the strings wherever necessary.
  5. Step: Once done test out the tennis racquet to see if it is suitable for your style if play. Undo the knots and adjust the tension if necessary.

What is the absolute best method of restringing your tennis racquet? That is to save yourself a lot of headaches and have a professional do it for you. It’s also a lot less expensive to get it done than you might imagine.

Tennis Racquet String FAQ’s

Here are a few questions that we get asked on a regular basis about tennis racquet stringing:

  1. Question: I am getting ready to restring my tennis racquet. I need to know how much string is on a tennis racquet so I can buy enough to do the job.
    Answer: This may surprise you but this is not as easy a question to answer as you might think. The amount of string you will need depends on the size of the head of your racquet.
    Youth size tennis racquets may only require 30 feet of material to restring them while some oversize head tennis racquets may require 50 feet or more of material to restring them.
    String tensioning will also play a role in how much tennis string is needed to restring your racquet.
    The good news is that most brands of tennis stringing are not that expensive. So it’s best to buy more than you need and have some leftover instead of coming up short when you are in the process of restringing your racquet.
  2. Question: What is the best way to store a tennis racquet so the strings do not get damaged?
    Answer: For starters never leave your tennis racquet stored in your car for long periods of time. Extreme cold and extreme heat are very bad for its strings.
    You also don’t ever want to store any heavy objects on top of your tennis racquet. Doing say not only increases the chances of your tennis strings breaking but a heavy object can also stretch your strings so much that it changes the tension you have set for them.
    Put a layer of protective tape over the places where you tied your knots too. These areas are prone to be scraped on the ground when you are trying to hit a low shot.
  3. Question: How often should you replace the strings on your tennis racquet?
    Answer: This is different for everyone and should be based on the amount of tennis you play and the level you play it at.
    Novice players do not really even need to change the string on their tennis racquets until the string breaks or starts looking like it’s getting frayed. Once or twice a year will probably suffice.
    The general rule of thumb for intermediate level players is that you should change it based on the number of times you play tennis in a week. For example: if you play tennis three times a week then replace your strings three times a year.
    Advanced and professional tennis players know the importance that the proper tennis string plays in their overall game. Most players at this level will change their strings at least once a month and also experiment with using different string types.
  4. Question: I have had several injuries to my arm over the years. What string tension will be the easiest in my arms to help prevent more injuries?
    Answer: This is going to be different for everyone but you can follow a basic principle here. The lower the string tension on your tennis racquet the softer the impact will be on your arm when a tennis ball strikes it.


ProductGaugeLengthString TypeColor
Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String Black
18 / 17 / 16660 feetMonofilamentBlack
Wilson Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set
16Every set of string 12m/40ftCo-polymer fluorocarbon resin fibersBlack / Grey / Silver
Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin Poly String - 40 foot Pack
17 / 1640 footPolyesterGreen
Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String
1640 footPolyester and polyamide fibersNatural
Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16g White Tennis String
1640 footSynthetic GutWhite
Head Rip Control Tennis String
N / A105 cmPolyurethane ElastomerWhite

Our Final Thoughts on Tennis Racquet Replacement Strings

It seems most people always look at their swing and body mechanics when they are struggling with their tennis game. That is why helpful steps like trying a different tennis string often get overlooked in the correction process. It may be hard to believe but a simple adjustment to your tennis equipment like changing to the best tennis strings can have a big impact on your overall tennis game.

You have a wide variety of different tennis strings to choose from in the sports marketplace. If you are a serious tennis player then you owe it to yourself to experiment with different a tennis racquet stringing until you find the one that compliments your playing style the most.

Any of the brands that we featured in our tennis string reviews are excellent choices if they match up to the way you like to play the game. You have a chance at being amazed as to how much better you play if your racquet has a quality stringing on it that better matches your style of tennis play.