Prince Classic Graphite 107 (4-3/8) Review -Traditional Style

Get Back To Basics With The Prince Classic Graphite 107 Tennis Racquet

New -PRINCE CLASSIC GRAPHITE 107In this day and age when it comes to tennis racquets, it seems like it is all about the technology that goes into them as opposed to the skill a player uses them with. It is something that drives the old tennis purists crazy. Well, leave it to the reputable Prince Company to go back to the basics and bring back a racquet that emphasizes a player’s skill more than a manufacturer’s fancy racquet technology. That is exactly what the Prince Classic Graphite 107 Tennis Racquet does.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Prince Classic Graphite 107 Tennis Racquet


  • Classic feel and construction
  • Oversize head to help avoid mishits
  • Emphasizes your skill, not your racquet technology


  • No power enhancements
  • Slightly to the heavy side

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More Details About This Excellent Tennis Racquet

If you are a tennis player that believes in tradition then you will really like this classic style tennis racquet. It goes back to the basics of tennis racquet design. A design that was responsible for putting Prince atop the tennis racquet making business almost 30 years ago. Do not mistake that for meaning this is not a good model tennis racquet because you would be completely wrong. It is a style of racquet that has been helping players for many years now and will continue to do so well into the future.

Prince brought this classic model tennis racquet back for a reason. The Prince Classic Graphite 107 Series Tennis Racquet is known for being a racquet that will give you more precise control over your return shots. Players who have used this racquet in the past always rave about the ‘feel’ and control combination they get with this model tennis racquet.

It is a model tennis racquet that will also help you avoid having so many mishits. It does this nicely with the help of its oversized head design. Even on a shot that is not hit directly in the center of the racquet, you can still get some control and accuracy over your return shot.

This racquet is not one that will help you generate a lot of extra shot power. That will have to come from your own strength and the precision of your stroke. It certainly will not take any power away from your string through either. So if you are a big hitter with the racquet you have now you will still be a big hitter with this racquet too.

Special Features That Set Prince Classic Graphite 107 Tennis Racquet Apart From The Competition

The best thing about this tennis racquet is not what it has but more appropriately what it doesn’t have. It puts the precision and control over shots back in your hands so you don’t have to depend on racquet technology as much. That is why more traditional players really tend to favor using this type of racquet. Its bigger sweet spot is another very welcome bonus feature that it has too.

Playing Style This Tennis Racquet Is Best Suited For

New -PRINCE CLASSIC GRAPHITE 107This racquet definitely caters to those players that like a calculating and slower paced finesse game to wear their opponent’s down. It will help you put your shots precisely where you want them to go on the court. This racquet should help you place your service shots more accurately too.

As we mentioned, if you need a racquet that helps you generate more power, then this is not the tennis racquet for you. It’s also is a little to the heavy side so players of smaller stature may want to consider using another model racquet too.

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Some Final Thoughts On Prince Classic Graphite 107 Tennis Racquet

There really is a lot to like about this traditional style racquet from Prince. Anytime a racquet is brought back by popular demand, then you know there are a lot of people around who prefer to use a racquet that allows you near total control of the return shots you hit. This racquet will give anyone who uses it more feel out on the court as they try to take command of their return shots.

So if you are a tennis purist that wants to get back to swing basics, then you should really consider giving the Prince Classic Graphite 107 Tennis Racquet a try.