Prince Warrior 100 ESP Review – (Unstrung): 10.2 oz

Take Precise Control Over Your Tennis Shots With The Prince Warrior 100 ESP Model Tennis Racquet

If you are an avid tennis fan and player you have probably noticed how thrilling it is to watch a player that has expert shot placement and tremendous spin on the ball when they hit a shot. It is the type of tennis style that can easily wear down and frustrate any overmatched opponent. The problem is this is not an easy style of tennis to develop and master. You will also need to find the right tennis racquet to play with that enhances that part of your overall tennis game and that is what many players get from Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Prince Warrior 100 ESP Model Tennis Racquet


  • Provides for very good ball control
  • Extremely lightweight for faster swing speeds
  • Excellent string design for enhanced spin


  • Sacrifices a little power for control
  • Maybe too light for some bigger players

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More Details About This Excellent Tennis Racquet

This is a tennis racquet that my best be described as ‘user-friendly’ because of the way it helps a player have more control over the ball. It accomplishes this by adding an advanced string design to a lightweight and easy to swing tennis racquet frame. The resulting product is an excellent tennis racquet that will help you hit precision shots with just the right amount of spin time after time.

Although this racquet will not enhance the power behind your shot it will not take away from it either. That is because it still features a very generous size sweet spot and its light weight will help you swing through the ball faster. When you swing faster it also tends to help your natural power come through too. That is why many consider Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet to be a good all-around tennis racquet.

Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet is a good looking tennis racquet too. It has a sleek black, red and white pattern that really stands out on the court and will give you a little extra shot of confidence as you play. There truly is a lot to like about this well-designed tennis racquet model. It is hard to imagine anyone who purchases this racquet not being happy with it after doing so.

Special Features That Set Prince Warrior 100 ESP Model Tennis Racquet Apart From Other Models

The number one improvement in this tennis racquet is what Prince calls there ESP (Extreme String Pattern) technology. It is an enhanced string pattern that seems to give the players who use this racquet and edge when it comes to ball control. The ‘grippy’ nature of this string pattern really will help you place your shots more accurately and help you generate more spin when you return a shot too.

This is also a tennis racquet that is very easy to swing. It is among the lightest tennis racquets you will find. This helps you pick up the ball faster and that, in turn, will allow you to do more with the ball on your return shots.

Playing Style This Tennis Racquet Is Best Suited For

This racquet is definitely one that true finesse players want to consider purchasing. The advanced string technology combined with its light weight will give you maximum control when striking a tennis ball. It is designed to help you place your shots more accurately and to help you get more spin on the ball too. So whether you play at the night or like to volley from the baseline, this fine tennis racquet from Prince will help you get the ball control you need when playing those styles.

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Some Final Thoughts On Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet

If you are a fan of playing with a lightweight and easy to swing racquet that will also enhance your control over the ball, then this is a racquet you should seriously consider when shopping for a new one. It will really help you improve the technical aspects of your game to give you an advantage over your opponents. Prince has done a great job with the new improvements to Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet. It looks to be a model tennis racquet that is destined to be popular well into the future.