Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Review – 11.3 Ounces Strung

The Babolat 2016 Aeropro Drive – Pure Aero; A Tennis Players Dream Come True

Many tennis players do not realize how important it is to play with the right tennis racquet. We see all the time big power hitters that use racquets that are meant for ball control and finesse players that use racquets that are designed to increase shot power. It can be a huge disadvantage in a match if you are playing with a tennis racquet that is not suited for your skills. So how do you overcome a problem like that? The answer is simple; use a racquet like the Babolat 2016 Aeropro Drive – Pure Aero Racquet that will enhance almost every aspect of your game.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Babolat 2016 Aeropro Drive Racquet


  • Classic feel and construction
  • Extremely lightweight for faster swing speeds
  • Emphasizes your skill, not your racquet technology


  • Sacrifices a little power for control
  • Does not maximize your service

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More Details About This Excellent Tennis Racquet

Here is one of the better all-around tennis racquets you will ever come across. The amazing thing about it is that it fits into so many different players style of play. It can be used easily by any player that has a mid-level intermediate or higher playing ability. Why is this racquet so good? It’s because Babolat has put the time and effort into year after to make an already good tennis racquet even better.

One of the things that really helps with the design and appeal of this great model tennis racquet is that Babolat enlisted highly successful tennis pro-Raphael Nadal to help them with the design of it. You can tell from its design and playability that someone very knowledgeable of the game had a lot of input as to how this tennis racquet was designed. It helps to add to your power and control which is so important in today’s game of tennis.

There are other factors besides adding power and control that help the Babolat 2016 Aeropro Drive – Pure Aero perform better also. For one they have made a huge leap as far as the comfort of the handle and grip goes. The new design also seems to have cut down on the vibration more than the previous year’s models did.

There are just a lot of things that have been put together in the making of this racquet to make it one of the best ones you will ever have the experience of playing with.

Special Features That Set The Babolat 2016 Aeropro Drive – Pure Aero Apart From Other Tennis Racquets

This racquet is all about swing speed, to say the least. This is evident by the fact that Babolat has spent so much time making this racquet more aerodynamic and at the same time making it as light as possible too. That combination means you can contact the ball quicker and have a better chance of controlling your return shot.

The other factor that makes this tennis racquet so good is its string texture and pattern. It is a very advanced and innovative design. Babolat has managed to string this racquet in such a way that although its string is very grippy, it still has a lot of bounce back to help you generate a little extra power too.

Playing Style This Tennis Racquet Is Best Suited For

There really is no one playing style that this racquet is best suited for. It is one of those rare tennis racquets that seems to have it all covered. Power players, finesse players, and net charging players have all experienced success with the Babolat 2016 Aeropro Drive – Pure Aero tennis racquet. It has little features that will compliment any type of tennis playing style. We think if you try it you will be amazed how well this racquet plays.

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Some Final Thoughts On The Babolat 2016 Aeropro Drive – Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

It is rare, to say the least, that a tennis racquet design dots so many I’s and crosses so many T’s at the same time. That is why the Babolat 2016 Aeropro Drive – Pure Aero is such a unique tennis racquet to say least. It can truly add something to your game no matter what playing style you choose. This is definitely a tennis racquet design that will appeal to a wide variety of tennis players for many years to come.