Best Badminton Shoes – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Badminton is a game that can be traced all the way back into ancient Greece, China, and India. Similar to shuttlecock and battledore of that time, the game saw a lot of evolution – nowadays becoming a very popular game that is played all over the world. Some people are playing it as a hobby – whereas others take it to tournaments at a professional level. Still, when it comes to playing a game (no matter if you are playing pro or just for fun), you also need to ensure that you wear the right gear – and this includes the best badminton shoes.

That being said, with so many sports shoes on the market, it is quite difficult to find a pair that you know can properly support you. Badminton has quite a number of requirements and moves – so, unless you choose the right pair, you might just end up injuring yourself during the game. However, by reading a few badminton shoes reviews, you should be able to narrow it down to the perfect pair.

Adidas Men's Gamecourt

Adidas Men’s Gamecourt

  • Price: $ – $$$$
  • Size: 6.5 to 14
  • Color: 6 Options
  • Material: Textile and Synthetic
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Adidas Men's Pw Tennis Hu Sneaker

Adidas Men’s Pw Tennis Hu Sneaker

  • Price: $ – $$$$$
  • Size: 5 to 13
  • Color: 33 Options
  • Material: 100% Textile
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LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes

LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes

  • Price: $$ – $$$
  • Size: 9 to 11
  • Color: 5 Options
  • Material: Synthetic leather
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LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports Shoes

LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports Shoes

  • Price: $ – $$$
  • Size: 8.5 to 10
  • Color: 7 Options
  • Material: Synthetic leather
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Best Badminton Shoes for Men – Top Picks

1. Adidas Men’s Gamecourt

Adidas Men's GamecourtAdidas always has the knack of winning the hearts of every sports enthusiast, whatever they are playing. If you are looking for something that is of high quality but still manages to have quite a decent price, then you should look no further than this pair. It’s a pair of shoes that were designed to take on the court.

The Gamecourt pair from Adidas is made using lightweight textile upper material, to which the manufacturer added synthetic overlays. This ensures not only durability but also superior breathability – making it the perfect shoe for every season. Plus, the Audiwear™ flexible outsole is made from a unique type of rubber that provides a great grip on outdoor terrains, as well as durability.

This pair of shoes scores many comfort points as well. Not only is the cushioned molded EVA midsole quite comfortable and supportive, but the fitted inside padding also offers you great lateral support. This way, it will be much safer for you to undergo lateral movements throughout a game.


  • Great lateral support
  • Breathable materials that keep your feet dry
  • Great comfort and stability
  • Comfortably wide toe box


  • Limited colors to choose from

2. Adidas Men’s Pw Tennis Hu Sneaker

Adidas Men's Pw Tennis Hu SneakerThose looking for a pair of shoes that can better withstand wear and tear might appreciate the features of the Adidas Pw shoes. Indeed, technically speaking, they are tennis shoes – but they have all the qualities that a good pair of badminton shoes should have. Comfortable and supportive, they should be able to properly support you throughout every game.

With their textile and synthetic upper soles, these shoes should withstand the test of time even if you are playing outdoors. Plus, they feature blown rubber pads so that you may get a better grip – therefore, keeping you safe while you are running back and forth.

Aside from being durable, they are also breathable. This is all thanks to the three perforated strips that provide good ventilation for the foot – keeping it dry and odor-free. The midsole is also highly cushioned, ensuring total comfort and support. Bear in mind that these shoes are mostly recommended for indoor badminton matches, but they may also be taken outdoors.


  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • The breathable design makes the shoe odor-free
  • Great cushioning around the midsole that provides great support


  • Might not last as much on indoor matches

3. LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes

LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton ShoesWhen you are running around continuously, the last thing that you want is a pair of shoes that cause you to slip continuously. However, with the abrasion-resistant soles that the LI-NING pair has been given, these shoes should be able to keep you strong on your feet and very safe.

Thanks to the XSTRUCTURE device placed around the heel, you may adjust them in whatever way feels most comfortable for you. This way, your shoes will not feel too tight, nor too large – and the rollover should also be prevented this way. The comfort is further on increased by the multiflex structure, which places several pivot points along the shoe.

Aside from being very comfortable and high performing, these shoes are also highly qualitative. Featuring an extra reinforcement layer around the toe and front side of the shoe, they should also be able to withstand abrasion. This way, their life length is also extended.


  • They offer very good protection
  • They are quite resistant
  • They come with a guarantee of satisfaction


  • They feature a very limited color choice
  • They might be quite heavy for some people

4. LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports Shoes

LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports ShoesIf you are looking for a high-quality pair of shoes, you might love this pair – particularly if you are in for playing on an indoor court. With an outsole that is quite durable yet sensitive, it will not leave any marks on the court – allowing you to play without damaging the surface. That being said, the shoes are still highly slip-free and safe.

These shoes also feature a breathable construction made from textile material and leather. This way, you should be able to keep your feet dry and cool, even if you are playing intensively or the weather outside is hot. They are great for wearing throughout the warm season.

The LI-NING shoes also come with a great 100% satisfaction guarantee. This way, if you are not satisfied with the shoes, you may contact the manufacturer and they will help you out in this regard. This way, you will be certain that you do not waste money on uncomfortable shoes.


  • Great traction on indoor courts
  • Perfect support and stability throughout the game
  • Superior cushioning that prevents shock discomfort


  • The band inside the shoe might feel slightly uncomfortable

ASICS Women's Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoe

  • Price: $$$
  • Size: 6 to 12
  • Color: 9 Options
  • Material: Synthetic
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Adidas Women's Pw Tennis Hu W

Adidas Women’s Pw Tennis Hu W

  • Price: $$ – $$$$$
  • Size: 5 to 11
  • Color: 4 Options
  • Material: 100% Textile
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Ryka Women's Heather Cross Trainer

Ryka Women’s Heather Cross Trainer

  • Price: $ – $$$$
  • Size: 6 to 11
  • Color: 6 Options
  • Material: Leather and Man Made
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Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis Shoe

Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis Shoe

  • Price: $ – $$$$$
  • Size: 5 to 11.5
  • Color: 7 Options
  • Material: Textile and Synthetic
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Best Women’s Badminton Shoes – Editors’ Choice

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball ShoeThese shoes may be advertised for volleyball, but they have everything that it takes to provide superior comfort during a badminton game. Featuring an open mesh upper, these shoes are not only very comfortable but also highly breathable. They are perfect for every season.

Unlike other shoes, this pair features a seamless construction. This way, friction is reduced, and you will be able to feel more comfortable as you are wearing them. They are a great choice if you usually feel irritated from stitches and seams.

This shoe has also been given a Trusstic System Technology. This will reduce the weight that falls on the sole unit – all while retaining the shoe’s structural integrity. You should be able to wear the shoe for quite a lot of time, without feeling tired or uncomfortable.


  • The seamless design keeps irritation away
  • Perfect for lengthy use due to the Trusstic System technology
  • Highly breathable design


  • Users say that the outside finish peels off through time

2. Adidas Women’s Pw Tennis Hu W

Adidas Women's Pw Tennis Hu WIf you are looking for both comfort and quality in a pair of brand shoes, the Hu shoes from Adidas are also a great choice. Available in a variety of colors, you may choose the ones that fit your style the best – allowing you to also feel good on the badminton field.

That being said, while the design is a feature that many women tend to look at, these shoes are also quite supportive. They have enough cushioning to keep you comfortable and prevent the shock waves from going through your leg – but it’s not as thick as to make you feel uncomfortable and unsupported as you are playing.

The design of the shoe features a soft collar that allows you to easily pull the shoe on – therefore, causing you to waste as little time as possible. They are also very lightweight, which means you should be able to stay fast on the court and not waste any movement.


  • Very lightweight
  • Durable design that should withstand both indoor and outdoor wear
  • Very easy to pull on and off
  • Multiple color choices


  • These shoes run rather large

3. Ryka Women’s Heather Cross Trainer

Ryka Women's Heather Cross TrainerIf you want to add more personality to your shoes, then you might want to try these Ryka shoes. Meant to be very stylish but also supportive, this pair is particularly convenient for outdoor badminton. The synthetic sole is very durable – all while being shock absorbent. This makes the shoes perfect for concrete and other hard courts.

Made using a breathable mesh that was mixed with leather and synthetic overlays, the shoes are as durable as they are breathable. This makes them the appropriate choice even for summer when you tend to sweat quite a lot – particularly around the feet area.

The footbed is made from memory foam – which means that not only will you get the support that you need, but you will also feel very comfortable. These shoes should fit right around your foot, allowing you to play for more hours without feeling any shock or pain.


  • Very breathable mesh and synthetic fabric design
  • Synthetic sole that makes them quite durable
  • The memory foam footbed molds perfectly around the foot of the wearer
  • Very lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • Some say they are not supportive enough
  • They run small

4. Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis Shoe

Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis ShoeIn most cases, the most important thing on the badminton field is for the player to be fast – which is exactly what these shoes can help you with. Since they are quite lightweight, you will not feel as if you are dragging your feet as you are trying to score a point.

The Adituff wraps added around the medial forefoot and the toe protect the shoe from abrasion. This way, if you drag your feet during a badminton match, you will not be damaging your shoes. This also applies if you tend to make a lot of extreme movements.

The net mesh upper of the shoe ensures great stability, along with perfect airflow and cooling ability. This will keep your feet dry and odor-free even at high activity levels. Plus, the generous cushioning along with the seamless liner design ensures the perfect comfort and support.


  • Uses very breathable materials
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Very lightweight
  • Durable construction


  • Mostly suitable just for people with a low arch

How to Choose the Right Badminton Shoes for You

Best Badminton ShoesIndeed, selecting some good badminton rackets is a very important step – but you also need to be very careful about purchasing the right shoes. If you wish to move swiftly on the badminton field and get the support that you require, you might want to give some thought on how to choose badminton shoes based on their features.

  • Traction

When you are playing badminton, the last thing that you want is for your foot to slip from right under you as you are running towards the shuttlecock. For this reason, you might want to invest in a pair of shoes that have good traction – and for that, you will need to take a good look at the outsoles.

First things first, the rubber has to be soft and pliable – particularly if you are playing indoor. This way, it will allow the underside to get a good grip on the court floor. You should also make sure that the tread pattern allows for multidirectional traction – therefore enabling you to move smoothly in every direction without slipping.

With some models, you also have a pivot point at the ball of your feet. This feature will allow the wearers to make aggressive and sudden movements without causing their knee to torque.

  • Cushioning

Cushioning is also very important when it comes to badminton shoes. After all, you will be jumping and running quite a lot – so, you need something with the ability to absorb that shock. For this reason, you should make sure that the shoe you have chosen features reliable underfoot protection.

Granted, badminton shoes were made with a fairly low-profile midsole. However, this does not mean that it won’t do a good job in regard to shock attenuation. Most commonly, midsoles use foam made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), mostly due to its comfort levels, along with the rebound properties that it provides.

You may also go for models that use proprietary cushioning technology. For instance, some brands use gel cushioning – which is not only very comfortable to wear but also feels quite cool on the feet. This compound of a semi-liquid consistency should keep your whole foot quite comfortable, but it will also make the transition from your heel to the toe much smoother. For a game to be productive, you will have to make sure that the shoes you choose bring you all the comfort that you need.

  • Foothold

Ok, so you checked and say that your badminton shoes of choice have a well-padded midsole – but you may also make sure that the tongue and the collar are also important. Some people might think: “I’m not stepping on the collar or the tongue, why bother going for more cushioned shoes?” In your mind, the more lightweight the shoes are, the more breathable they will be.

However, without a good foothold, you will not be able to secure your foot to the shoe. You will feel as if it’s constantly slipping from your foot, rubbing around continuously, causing the blisters that we all hate when it comes to shoes. This is why you need to ensure that they have a generous plushness that will help secure your foot – keeping it from sliding off.

Bear in mind that the synthetic overlays, along with the medial and lateral sides of the upper of your shoe are also quite important. When you cinch on the laces, the lateral parts of your footwear are also drawn much closer to the foot. This will provide more support during the lateral movements, allowing you to make more daring badminton moves. Badminton shoes for ankle support should also have a good foothold.

  • Breathability

During a badminton game, you will be sweating quite a lot – particularly if you are playing during summer days. Imagine taking those shoes after a long day of playing badminton – they’re definitely going to stink if your feet were not able to breathe in them.

For this reason, you might want to look for a pair of shoes that will allow your feet to breathe much easier. Look for models that have a mesh top layer, as this will allow your feet to breathe much better. This particular material will enable the air to cool while you are still wearing the shoes – all while encouraging heat dissipation.

Make sure that that the insides of your shoes also have a mesh lining – or at least a moisture-wicking soft fabric. This way, not only will you feel more comfortable as you are wearing the shoes, but they will also keep your feet dry while encouraging the circulation of the air.

  • Flexibility

Badminton Shoes Buying GuideBadminton comes with a lot of daring moves. Left, right, forward, jump – all of which require you to do some serious movement. The last thing you want is some shoes that just feel like they are strangling your feet, without actually allowing you to move much.

This is why you have to look for a pair of shoes that are highly flexible. This will not only give you quite a lot of freedom of movement, but it will also allow for your feet to perform on the court with as little effort as possible. If the shoe is flexible, then it will support the natural movement of the foot – all while permitting nice heel to toe transition.

  • Weight

As mentioned, badminton players are quite the bouncing bunnies on the badminton field – which is why you might want to invest in lightweight shoes. If the shoe is heavy, it might lower your speed. You might be running towards the shuttlecock only to realize that your feet are too heavy and you cannot manage to drag yourself there fast enough.

While they should not be too lightweight (you will need a little bit of cushioning, after all), you should go for pairs of shoes that weigh about 250 to 330 grams. These are considered more lightweight in comparison to weightlifting footwear, for instance, which can weigh somewhere around 450 per shoe. Badminton shoes for beginners, in particular, should be very lightweight.

  • Size

This should be obvious, but many people fail to purchase the right size of shoes. They purchase one size up “just in case,” or end up purchasing shoes that are too narrow thinking that they will “loosen up.” This does not always happen, and if your shoes do not fit properly, not only will you underperform, but it can also end up in injury.

To make sure that you go for the right size, you might want to read some reviews beforehand as well. In some cases, some shoes will run large, small, narrow, or wide – which is why you will want to inform yourself beforehand. For example, if you are more comfortable with badminton shoes for wide feet, then you might want to look through reviews and see what other people are saying about the sizes.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Badminton Shoes

Badminton Shoes ReviewsYour badminton set (including the badminton shoes) will only look nice and impressive when you give it the proper maintenance. For your shoes to “live”, you need to clean them regularly. Indeed, you should not scrub them obsessively, as you may damage the material in the long run – but when you do have to clean them, you might want to follow the next steps:

  • Collect the Materials: You will need some mild soap, as well as a soft brush or sponge to clean them. Using harsh materials might end up damaging them.
  • Remove the Insoles and Laces: Since these will have to be washed separately, you may want to remove them (if possible) before the washing process begins.
  • Remove the Bulk: If your shoes are particularly dirty, you might want to remove the bulk of dirt first. Take a soft brush or an old toothbrush, and start brushing at the dirty spots.
  • Clean the Shoes: Add the shoes over the container in which you placed the soap and some water, and start scrubbing at them with the soft brush or a sponge. You may wash them over the container, or you may soak them directly.
  • Rinse the Shoes: Now that your shoes are clean, you will have to rinse away the soap. Use a clean wet sponge to take the soap off.
  • Clean the Laces and Insoles: Now that your shoes are clean, you also need to clean the laces and the insoles using the same process as you did with the shoes.
  • Let Them Dry: With everything said and done, all you have to do now is leave your badminton shoes to dry.

While regularly cleaning your badminton shoes is very important, there are also some maintenance steps that you might want to take in-between washes. This will ensure your shoes stay nice and new-looking:

  • Keep tea bags in the shoe to improve its fragrance
  • Re-stuff your shoes when you aren’t using them
  • Use a protector spray on your shoes
  • Pack them in a shower cap
  • Use foot powder in the shoes

With the proper cleaning process and maintenance, they are supposed to last for quite a long time.

Badminton Shoes: FAQ You Should Know

  • How much do badminton shoes generally cost?

In most cases, a pair of badminton shoes should cost anywhere between $70 and $150 – depending on the quality of the brand that you have chosen. The chances are very high that if you pick a pair of shoes priced over $100, you will get a shoe that has been equipped with better technologies, as well as superior bounce, great underfoot comfort, perfect traction, and worthy support.

That being said, you should not think that if a pair of badminton shoes are sold at a low price, their quality is also low. Indeed, while the pair may not have the latest fancy technologies, it was still built in order to deliver the basics: and that means traction, comfort, and support. The only difference is that they may be using different materials or technologies to make the prices more affordable.

  • When should I replace my badminton shoes?

Many people are asking themselves this: when is the right time to replace my badminton trainers? Well, the chances are that you’ll know; after all, it will be visible on your trainers. Still, as something to give you an idea, professionals recommend that you replace them around 7-9 months – even if you are using a pair of high-quality shoes. This should be particularly the case if you tend to play badminton very often (at least three times every week).

Still, with proper maintenance, a good pair of badminton shoes can also last you for years. This is especially the case when you play badminton indoors or rarely use the shoes. At most, you might only need to replace the insoles.

That being said, here are a few signs that you might want to watch out for – signs that will tell you it is high time for you to replace your badminton trainers:

  • You are losing your underfoot protection when it comes to impact
  • You are losing your traction even when the outsole has been cleared
  • You have holes in your upper that compromise the hold and fit of the shoe
  • Your foot is continuously slipping inside due to the upper becoming too loose

With proper maintenance, these signs may be prevented for quite a long time. However, if you notice them appearing, then it might be time to let your old trainers rest and get a new pair.

  • Can I wear my badminton shoes as daily streetwear?

There is no reason why you should not be able to use your badminton shoes as streetwear. After all, they were made for comfort. However, since badminton shoes have quite soft outsoles, you might end up adding to their wear and tear and you will eventually have to replace them much earlier than expected.

If you want your badminton shoes to last, you might want to wear them only on the badminton court. Walking around with them on asphalt or other rough surfaces will affect the outsole, causing them to become dirty much faster and requiring deeper maintenance. Because of this, the shoe will need replacement much faster.

  • Are volleyball or tennis shoes good for playing badminton as well?

Yes, volleyball shoes typically have the same outsole as badminton shoes, as well as the same typical construction – which is why many badminton professionals recommend using volleyball shoes as badminton shoes. The most comfortable tennis shoes for women could also be used on the badminton court.

In truth, we cannot say that we have badminton shoes that are only made for this game in particular. However, we have shoes that are recommended for tennis (for men), volleyball, and other similar games. We just need to make sure that they have the features necessary for playing badminton.

Best Badminton Shoes Comparison Chart

Adidas Men’s Gamecourt
$ – $$$$6.5 to 146 OptionsTextile and Synthetic
Adidas Men’s Pw Tennis Hu Sneaker
$ – $$$$$5 to 1333 Options100% Textile
LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes
$$ – $$$9 to 115 OptionsSynthetic leather
LI-NING Men Badminton Training Sports Shoes
$ – $$$8.5 to 107 OptionsSynthetic leather
ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoe$$$6 to 129 OptionsSynthetic
Adidas Women’s Pw Tennis Hu W
$$ – $$$$$5 to 114 Options100% Textile
Ryka Women’s Heather Cross Trainer
$ – $$$$6 to 116 OptionsLeather and Man Made
Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis Shoe
$ – $$$$$5 to 11.57 OptionsTextile and Synthetic

Wrap Up

Finding the best badminton shoes might not always be the easiest task, as there are many good pairs out there – all with their own designs, technologies, and features. However, by doing a bit of research, it should be quite easy for you to narrow down your research and find the perfect pair.

Hopefully, our badminton shoe reviews have proven useful to you, allowing you to pick a good pair for your preferences. All that’s left for you to do now is to give it your best and offer them proper maintenance.